Palm Daze is a psychedelic dream-pop trio out of Austin, Texas, featuring Eric McClung on synth and vocals, Tyler Delaune on bass and vocals, and Ryan Heath on drums and samples. Formerly known as Isaiah the Mosaic, the three have been playing together most of their lives – Eric and Ryan for the past 16, and joined by Tyler for the last 7. They describe their sound as oceanic dream pop creamsicle drop top … atmospheric loops layered over lush, melodic synth orchestration, with a heavy emphasis on drum and bass.


Their musical influences are diverse, citing inspiration from artists that include Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Boys II Men, The Beatles and The Flaming Lips. What results is a trance-like cacophony of melody over layers of expansive, ambient soundscapes and driving grooves. It’s reminiscent of Live at Pompeii-era Pink Floyd with a hint of Joy Division: a room-filling wall of synthesizer and airy vocals over trippy drum and bass beats that one reviewer likened to “floating through an Ambien cloud at sunset.” Put simply, it’s an uplifting, yet moody and psychedelic trip in a constant state of movement, their live shows resplendent with lighting and visuals by long-time collaborator Gabriel Phoenix to augment the experience.


Their former incarnation included Eric’s brother, Philip, on guitars and vocals. When Philip made the decision to leave the band in 2016 to pursue a career in music recording and production, Palm Daze was born. Their new sound evolved from a shoegaze-esque minimalist sensibility, and though Philip was no longer in the band, per se, he was instrumental in launching their new sound and vision, working with them in his newly built Asymmetric Sun Studio on their first EP, titled Controls. Set to drop in June of 2017, Controls will be followed up by a full-length release later in the year. The new album, which they are currently in the midst of recording, is being co-produced by renowned Austin producer/engineer Danny Reisch (of Good Danny’s), and should wrap up in the fall of 2017.


Palm Daze is Texas born and bred. Having grown up in Wichita Falls, they all made the move to Austin in 2010 specifically to pursue their musical aspirations, and haven’t once looked back. When they aren’t recording, writing, rehearsing or playing clubs in and around Austin, you might find them out supporting live music, or dreaming up their next sensory onslaught – coming soon to a stage near you.



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